No Sports - just cash!

Make from one up to
on your money invested

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Just in short words ...
to give you an idea about this investment program:

We are utilizing different odds at different bookmakers ('Sure Bets') to make a profit. Means we are placing sport bets with different bookmakers around the world where we will always win, no matter of the outcomming.
Its simple mathematics!

No matter who wins or lose - we will always be the winner!

Usually if you place a bet you would bet either on A or on B
- and you will have a fair chance to lose your money.

We bet on BOTH player and WIN in ANY CASE

An example: Tennismatch Becker vs. Stich 
(just to give them a name):
At Bookmaker A the odds are: 1,8 for Becker and 2,4 for Stich.
At Bookmaker B the odds are: 1,4 for Becker and 2,9 for Stich.

With bookmaker A we place $ 55 Dollar for Becker as the winner.
If Becker wins we will get $ 99 Dollar (55,- x 1,8 = 99 Dollar)

With bookmaker B we place $ 35 Dollar for Stich as the winner.
If Stich wins we will get $ 101,50 Dollar (35,- x 2,9 = 101,50 Dollar)

... and now its getting interesting:
In any case we will win +/- 100,- $ , but we only invested $ 90,- Dollar (55,- + 35,- = 90,-) 
Means we gained approx. 10%  – completely risk free!

We are using sophisticated softwares, which are scanning continously thousands of odds from various (sport) events at hundereds bookmakers all around the world. The Softwares giving alert if a sure bet occure, calculating the odds, the wages / stakes and the possible profit.

We are placing continously the sure bets, keep records about every bet, watch the results, transfer the wages to the bookmakers, shift the necessary funds between the bookies and re-transfer the profit.

You may participate in this Investment with as little as 100,- Euro (one time investment)
We guarantee you a sure 1% interest per month, which may increase up to 10% / month by telling others about this investment method.
For every new partner you recruit we increase your interest rate for +0,1% / month and for every additional 100,- Euro you or one of your downline-partner invest in our system we increase your interest for another 0,05% per month.

Later on you will be able to increase your investments from the 100,- Euro Basic Pack to Packs with 250,- (Gold-Member), 500,- (Platin-Member) and 1000,- (Diamond-Member), which will gain up to 10% interest per month. 
Founding Members will have no limitation on the interest. You may even get 100% interest per month! So you better sign up right now!

If you want to build your downline first and gain more interest for your investment from the very first moment you may sign up as a Prelaunch-Partner and invest as little as 50,- Euro only. Once you have referred several partners to your downline you pay in the difference to 100,- Euro and you start earning.

For more information contact support@1x2invest.com

Who cares for winner or loser -
as long it's a sure bet !