The advantages of your Debitcard are clear:

For the user:

  • No Credit-Check. Available for everybody without troubles.
  • Anonymity. You don't leave a paper-track behind you. The card is anonym, with no name on it.
    ATTENTION! Neverthenless you must register your card and un case of misuse you can be identified! GreenCard complies with the rules and regulations as they apply to Money Service Business industry
  • Worldwide valid. Withdraw cash at almost 1 million ATM´s , pay on- & offline.
  • Cash around the clock, worldwide in the respective local currency.
  • Pay at millions of stores - from the gas-station to the supermarket.
  • Online-Payments with no risk - no risky transmission of your creditcard-datas
  • Moneytransport without risk. Cash whenever, wherever you need it without a full purse.
  • Money-transfer quick and cost effective. Your card allows to transfer money immediately to another card. Online, quick and at low cost. The receiver can utilize the money within seconds. Save time and money for slow wire-transfers and expensive agencies.
  • No security- risk. The cards are operated only by the card-numbner and the PIN-Codes you choose. On the card is neither your name nor your signature. If your card gets lost or stolen, nobody can falsify your signature, a thief can't use the card. Even somebody who knows your PIN cannot overdraw your account, becouse there is no credit available.
  • Set your own budgets! Depending on the funds on your cards you can use more or less money. Limitate your expenses as you like.
  • Pass on with no risk. You can give a card to your kids, your friends or employees and you set the limits of the expenses. Perfect for company-cards, pocket-money, cash reserve and for every project to be financially limited.
  • Micropayments completely received. Are you frustrated by the high expenses to cash a check, are the bank-charges eating up your commissions from affiliate-programs? Get your income on your debitcard and forget the extra-fees!

For companies:

  • Relay cards without risk. Your employees can dispose money anytime, everywhere in the world, without using a companies creditcard. You decide which amount will be available for them - or you send them the money at the moment it is necessary.
  • Project-related accounting. Forget complicated calculations of travel-expenses and foreign exchange. Your staff will have the necessary funds on the card and and can pay their expenses worldwide..
  • You set the budgets. Angry about overdrawn budgets and unexpected bills? Set the frames for every project and for every employee individual.
  • Micropayments easy and cheap done. Pay any amount of commissions to your affiliates all over the world (even small amounts) without exorbitant bank-fees. Forget complicated check-mailings, expensive wire-transfers, moneyorders or risky cash-letters. With his card your affiliate can withdraw his commision worldwide at 100000's of ATM's in his local currency without loosing half of his salary in bank-fees and expenses.
  • Advertising appeal! Give a debitcard to your affiliates to cash their commissions or use it as an incentive. It will make your program more attractive to international Networker.
  • For Large quantities we have special conditions Contact your Reseller or send a mail to us. Please note, that we are not allowed to re-sell the cards to wholesellers! Bulk orders will be accepted only from companies, who may pass the cards to their employees only not to be resold!.

For merchants:

  • No fraudulent use by stolen cards and faked signatures.
  • Secure coverage (Pay Now Card)
  • No cancellation of payments due to any disputes, no storno.