On this page you find all Terms & Conditions
in a slightly shortened version of the original german version of the T&C (AGB´s) - only the german version is legally binding - translation without guarantee:

T & C for buyers & resellers

Additional conditions for Resellers only
- Advertising-conditions
- Commissions, statements and payout
- Duration & canellation of accounts
- Privacy / Data-protection


T & C - Terms and Conditions

Terms of payment and delivery for clients (end-user) and reseller
ATTENTION: this is just the translation of the german original version - only the german version is legally binding

By placing an order the orderer is accepting the following conditions:

1.) The operator of the program, his representing offices and his representatives (see "Imprint") are no bank, no creditcard-organisation, no creditors, credit-negotiators or similar. They make no deals which are in accordance to usual bank-regulations and deals, which are reserved for such organisation. Especially no clients funds are taken and transferred and no commissions for deposits are paid or taken. Means the activity is not a business-like activity in the sense of a bank-deposit business, no mediation for such business or mediation for bank/deposit-business with organisations outside of the EU-area and no thirdcountriesdepositsmediation or similar. Which would need some special licence. The operator of the program and all his affiliates are only mediators for a plasticcard with a data medium.
The change of the sold plasticcards with a data-carrier into a debitcard happens only after the card is sold to an enduser, who register and activate the card by himself and load funds on his card by himself.
The distibution of this cards is just a mediator-service in the name of a, from the respective creditcardorganisation (card-processor) as license- and brand-owner, authorized vendor / distributor (bank etc.).
The operator of this website is no direct commissary of the licence- and brandowners (cardorganisation), he just pass on the orders to the authorized vendors and act as a middleman between buyer and cerified sales-organisations.

1.a.) All GlobalCash-Partner and carduser from the European Union are informed about the fact, that it is not allowed to take money from clients to transfer them to an card/account outside the EU and will act in conformity with the laws applied. The same apply to all users and partners from all countries which have similar laws.

1.b.) The user of the cards have to respect the laws of their country(ies) and to use the cards only in accordance to these regulations. They will not use the cards in countries, where it is not allowed. In order to protect his partners legally GlobalCash reserves the right to ask endusers from countries in which it is not allowed to use debitcards with deposits in third countries to issue a written declaration, that they will not use the cards in (a) certain country(ies), but to give the card(s) as a present to somebody who is not resident in such a country or to take the card(s) outside such a country and use the cards(s) only outside these country(ies). However, GlobalCash presume that the card(s) are used only in a legal way and endusers will not break any regional laws.

2.) For use of cards only the terms and conditions of the respective card-organisations, banks, accounting perties, ATM-operators, etc. are valid and legally binding.
Only the card-owner is responsible für improper handling of the cards. The program-operator is neither responsible for the cards nor loable for the deposits.

3.) The cards are anonymous, means with no name on it. Datas of the orderer will not be stored or passed on by GlobalCash, but only asked for reason of billing and shipping. Orders of companies and with PO-Box adresses are possible. Before activating the card the buyer must identify direct with the US Bank.

4.) Delivery of cards will be processed worldwide exclusively against cash in advance, if no other agreement is done. Deliveries to PO-Boxes and outside the EU (continental Europe)are only available against cash in advance.

5.) Online orders are legally binding as well as orders by phone or mail. Declining an order is only possible in the frames of the valid consument-protection laws if the orderer is a consument in the sense of the laws.

6.) Delivery of cards will be done within approx. 1 month after order and complete payment. Usually delivery will be effected prompt.

6.a.) As soon as a ordered merchandise leaves the (delivery-) store/warehouse from GlöobalCash or one of his representing office(s) all legal liability/responsibility and risks devolves upon the orderer.

7.) Ordering of cards is not bounded to the participation in the partnerprogram (Orderer must become no reseller).

8.) Only the german version of the T&C (AGB´s) is legally binding, not the translations in other languages.

9.) Basic for the contract is the at the time valid law for mailorder, internet-orders, EU-laws and austrian law,

10.) Orders are payable prompt (within 8 days). If a order is not paid in time the seller is entitled to mark up interest in the height of 5% over the actual regular bank interest rate and to claim all costs arising for collecting the debts such as payment reminder (cost per reminder 10,- Euro / $), debt collecting agencies, lawyers, courts, etc.
If a delivery ordered by c.o.d.-payment is not taken over by the recipient (no matter due to which reasons), the S&H-charges/delivery cost as well as the fees for returning the goods will be charged additional when goods are delivered again and future orders will be shipped only if paid in advance. In such case the payment method automated changes to „prepayment“ – no matter which payment method was selected or agreed before. However, the orderer is liable to take over / pay the goods and all fees and charges for the unsuccessful delivery and returning as well as possible cost to collect these expenses (at least 50,- Euro / $ ) has to paid in full height.

10.a.) Payments must be done in Euro or USDollar *) only and must be effected to the mentioned accounts and/or adresses and have to be marked in a way that they can be clearly assigned to a orderer and the ordered article. The sender of payments have to take care, that the due amount arrives at the receiver in the full sum. All bank-charges and fees (also the fees at the receivers bank) have to be paid by the sender. Only orders which are fully paid will be executed. If the arriving money is not enough to cover the complete order, only the covered part of the order will be effected and/or the missing amount will be charged by P.O.D. (pay on delivery) - this is only available within the EU by post - All additional charges (for POD, etc.) will be marked up to the price according to the valid pricelist.
The receiver of the payment is not obliged to start investigations about missing payments, especially if they are not done in the correct way. Necessary investigations, resending of funds, changes of orders, etc. will be charged extra in the accured height, at least 20,- Euro / $. (This dont affect payments to cardaccounts / loading of funds to cards – for such payments GlobalCash is never liable)

10 / 1.) *) Ad differend currencies
To simplify the orders for all partners paymants are accepted in Euro and USDollar. The price is (for now) equal. This can be repealed anytime - especially if the exchange-rate between Euro and US$ will differ engraving. Payments in other currencies are not accepted.

Please note the following rule:
Orders from clients/partners within the EU, Europe and countries, which have the Euro as local- or Lead-currency (see FAQ ) will be charged in Euro
Orders from clients/partners fromUSA, overseas and countries, which have the US$ as local or Lead-currency (see FAQ ) will be charged in USDollar

The country in which the orderer lives and in which currency he make his first payment will be decisively, in which currency (Euro or US$) the reseller-account will be kept in future.
This is not concerning the card-account. Card-accounts are kept in USDollar only!

11.) Returning and/or exchange of delivered products is excluded. Since the cards and the enclosed components contain sensitive informations (cardnumbers, activation codes, PIN’s, etc.) a return of such goods is exluded, even if cards are not registered and/or not activated.

12.) Place of performance and place of trial is Vienna (Austria).

13.) Changes of prices and amendments in the Terms- and condition reserved.

14.) Ineffectiveness of conditions / Salvatorian clause
If single points of the contract should be not valid, it will not affect the other parapraphs.
The parties will change ineffective or invalid conditions by new paragraphs, which are according to the respective laws. The same will be done, if there should be a paragraph missing. Such a break will be closed by a paragraph which come near to the sense of the contract .

Additional conditions for the members of our
partner-program / affiliates / Reseller

Every member of our partnerprogram (further also called only partner, member, affiliate or reseller) confirms, that he has completely readed, understood and accepted the content of the terms & conditions.

The aim of these rules is to make equally fair conditions for all members and to stop or minimize all (legally, technical or organizational) disturbances.
The rules are not to hinder individuals in their work, but to support the complete team by a frictionless running system and to protect every single member from negative results of improper actions of other partners. The interpretation of the single paragraphs will be done in this sense, without obligation to the program-operator to explain his decissions.

a.) Everybody adult who is allowed to do business (according to the law of his country - i.e usually with 18 years) can participate in the reseller-program. Membership starts with a formless application for a reseller-account, if the application is not refused by the program-operator within 30 days.
The program-operator may refuse applications without explaining the reason

b.) Participation in the program is free and without obligation.

c.) To participate in the program it is necessary to disclose personal datas:
Complete First- and Familyname, resident adress (Street, Number/floor/flat/door, ZIP-code, city, district, county, country) phone-number, valid e-mail adress (NO Zwallet-adress, no autoresponder-adress), date of birth. Missing or improper declarations will lead to disqualification and cancellation of the account.

d.) Partner of the program are independent representatives and not employees. Every partner is responsible for proper tax-declarations and to pay taxes and fees in his country.by himself.

e.) The term „Reseller“ should be interpreted as a referrer for GlobalCash, not as a salesman handling the products by himself. The affiliates will not be involved in the storage, shipping and handling of the items. Neverthenless, they should be considered as independent salesmen, consument-protecting laws do not apply.

f.) Reseller are not authorized to act, sign or take payments in the name of the program-operator. They are not allowed to make statements about the income or guarantee success.
They are obliged to act as a orderly merchant and to deal in a way, which is not negative to the program, the operator and the products.
They are not allowed to express negative statements about this or similar programs and products, about Network-Marketing (MLM, Multi-Level-Marketing) or to make public statements (also in chats, forums, newsgroups, etc.) about the product and the distribution.

g.) Each member can have one account only. To install double or multiple accounts, fake accounts as well as cross-sponsoring is prohibited and will cause immediate termination of all accounts. Possible commissions will declay irrevocable.
Family-members (adult) can be referred as partners, the number of accounts for each houshold is anyhow limited to two.
Corporations (companies) can participate in the program, it they are a legal construction and registered under the name as they join.
The operator of the program may varify the keeping of this regulations with every means (proof of maturity, proof of adress, etc.).
If there are reasons, why someone needs more than one account ha have to apply in written.
(Further details see Partner-FAQ.)

h.) The calculation-exaples are no income-guarantee. Heights of possible income is depending on the personal efforts of every member. Resellers are not allowed to promise irreal income or to promote the program by untrue promises.

i.) Password-sharing is prohibited. They have to be treated confidential and are only for the account owner for proper use.
Contents and offers on every part of the website, which is password-protected is for the eyes of the member only. They may not be shown to third parties (especially not to non-members).An offense will be punished with a fee of at least 1000 Euro/US$. Forthermore the causer is responsible for any additional harms, such as damages on system, accounts or other datas (caused by hackers or other manipulations), cost to investigate and remove damages, as well as possible loss due to competition-disatvantages caused by the passing on of datas or prices.

j.) For the duration if their membership each partner gets a (selfreplicating) website with his personal ref.-link as well as a administration-area to organize his own datas, his downline and check his commissions. This area may be used purposive only and may not be changed. Attempts to manipulate this area will be punished by immediate cancellation of the account, followed by legal steps. The function downline mailing may be used only to keep the pertners informed about this program and connected tipps. Especially it is not allowed to use this function for advertising of other programs (spamming!). Exception: information about other programs, which support our program (e.g. advertising-programs, mailexchange, trafficexchange, and similar), as long as it is not annoying to the partners.

k.) Discretion is one of the most important advantages of our product -
therefor we pay special attention to this point. (see also "Privacy / Data-Protection).
In order to ptotect the pvivate-shere of all members, it is not allowed to save any of their datas on external PCs or data-carriers, disclose such datas to third parties, pass on or sell such datas. Violations against this rule will lead to immediate termination of the account and legal action.

l.) Re-recruiting of existing partners is prohibited. It is not allowed to lure existing partners from other sponsors for the own downline and also partners are not allowed to recruit members from his downline to a competitors program. Even the trial is an offence against this conditions and will be punished.
Change of a partner to another diwnline can be done only, if all involved parties agree is such a proceeding and nobody will become disatvantaged. For such a change it needs good reasons and it has to be announced to the program-operator, who will decide, if and in which form the change can be done.

m.) Competitors-disqualification: The members of this program are not allowed to work for direct competitors (organisations which are selling debitcards) or be otherwise involved in direct connections to such competitors and must not start a competing business by themselfs. Leading managers of direct competitors and their families are excluded from the program. If in doubt a written confirmation must be acquired. (for further informations see Partner FAQ.)

n.) Advertising-rules:
In general, every partner is responsible to promote his business on his own
Additional every partner is entitled to join the promotion-program of the program-operator (subject to monthly fees), success will not be guaranteed. Every partner can order as many promotion-packs as he want. For participating in the promotion-program existing seperate conditions, which have to be followed strictly to avoid troubles (especially in connex with double-submissions to searc-engines, etc.). Rules will be announced to the members individual.

Fair Use Policy!
As "Fair Use" is to be undersood that the usage of the internet and the concerned systemresources should be used with respect without hindering other users ir infringe in their rights by own activities. The user understands and accepts the usual rules and regulations of the www and will respect this netiquette, even if it is not explicit mentioned in written.
This also / especially include the fair usage of the websites and advertising material of GlobalCash given to the partners / resellers and the avoidance of useless traffic (especially on the GlobalCash server) by misuse of this devices.

In general there are following advertising restrictions:
It is not allowed to use spam to promote the program - especially not the partners Ref.-website. As spam we consider the unsolicited mails to unknown persons, to mailadresses which are bought from unknown sources, which are ectracted by search-/spiderprograms from websites, classified, etc., posting in chatrooms, forums, etc. which do not definately allow advertising, as well as by ICQ, SMS, etc.
The program-operator dissociate from spamming and will neither cover nor tolerate such actions from his partners.
Classifieds, exchange-mails etc. have to be placed in the correct rubric and it must be seperated between advertising for the program and the product.
In auctions it is only allowed to sell the product (without mentioning the program), not the business-idea.
In advertising-text it is not allowed to make untrue statements or an income-guarantee. Especially partners may not use overstatements or irreal income-opportunities. Comparing advertising should not be used.
When selecting the advertising-media, partners have to take care, that the media has a serious and legal impression. It is not allowed to place banners or textlinks on websites with illegal, racist, terrorist, pornographic, violence-glorifying or similar content.
All logos, photos, graphics, advertising text, banners, wecsite-content, etc. are copyright-protetcted; some are registered trademarks of third parties and may not be used without written permission. It is forbidden to use pictures or textes for other programs.
Only the causer of infringements in copyrights, or any other relevant laws (licence-, brand-, market-competition) is liable and he will keep the program-operator free of harm and uncomplainingly.
(For further informations see Partner-FAQ.)

Takeover of program-contents (text, photo, graphics, logos) to other homepages:
In general the program-operator must agree to any takeover of his contents to other homepages, also if the homepage is only to promote this program. He will not refuse his agreement, if there are no disatvantages for the program, the product or their image by this own pages.
Especially it has to be taken care, that the impressopn of the page is serious, it must not been connectet to rivalling programs, unserious advertiding or with illegal, racist, terrorist, pornographic, violence-glorifying or similar content
When transferring the content or shortened parts of the program, it has to be guaranteedm that the sense of the program and the products is unchanged. Whoever makes such a cloned webpage has to keep the content up to date and is in conformity with the original site. Amendments at the original site have to be done on the clones as well, if otherwise would been discepancies.
If a partner translate the program for an own site, the translation must be confirmed by the program operator first. Translations have to come close to the german original version, contents must not be distorted, estrange the basic-sense, or lead to misrepresentation. Especially all juridic relevant items must been well translated and the text must be in accordance to the respective laws of the single countries. Translations should be correct, the wording politely and according to the conventional terminology in advertising. Translations by translation-software only is not suitable.
The program-operator is not liable for translations and webpages cloned by members.

o.) Noncircumvention and non-disclosure agreement
All partner among themselfes and versus the program-operator, his representing offices, branches, distribution chanels, clients and supplier, agree not to circumvent each other in any way and not to disclose mutual disclosed or otherwise discovered informations, conditions or any other datas (e.g. datas from prospects, clients, suppliers, prices, discounts, conditions, etc.) to third parties without permission.
Especially it is not allowed to seduce new prospects, which had been named from a downline-partner to his sponsor and sign them up directly by circumventing the originating informing partner. Every partner must be able to trust, that his sponsor will not by-pass him, if he report him a new prospect and ask for support to sign him up or sell something. Such a proceeding may also not been enabled by the passing on / disclosing informations to any third party (esp. Stooges). A program-internal competing in this way is not allowed and will not been tolerated
Damages, which occur to a partner caused by the offence against this clause, must been replaced by the causer to the aggrieved party noncontradictory upon first request. Decissions about the justification and height of such a replacement / penalty will be made by the program-operator only and are finally binding. Complaints and countercharges pertaining to civil law among the partners in connection to this decissions are inadmissible and can be brought in by the program-operator only.
(see also partner-FAQ)

p.) Violations against this conditions might be punished in the way, that the account of the respective member will be terminated. All commissions will be irrevocable lost. At heavy violations the program-operator is entitled to charge a penalty in the height of at least 1.000 Euro / USDollar. Intentional and/or repeated violations will lead to a penalty of minimum 10.000 Euro / USDollar Regardless of this fine, the program-operator is entitled to claim further compensation and may take legal action.
This rule is valid for every paragraph of the T&C, even if it is not seperately mentioned there!

Commissions & Payoff:
Every correct declared member of the affiliate-program with an active account is entitled to earn commissions. The height of the commission as according to the each time valid commission- & marketingplan (structure).

Full entitled to earn commissions are such members, who have placed at least one own order and have each half year at least one own purchase or one direct sale. The height of the turnover is not crucial. On inactive accounts will be paid no commissions. Commissions on non-active accounts decline and will not be booked retrospectively. See also the informations under Reseller FAQ

Entitlement for commission originate only after complete payment of the order, which is base for the commission. Non or just partial paid orders don't base a title for commissions. If payments have to be refunded to a buyer, also the commission will be revoked or not booked.

Payments will be done monthly, the first time at the earloest 30 days after opening of the account.
Payments will be done to a cirrus-card account, defined by the member.
Minimum-limit for payoff is 20,- Euro / Dollar, smaller amounts will be kept without onterest until the limit is reached. If nothing else is agreed, payoff will be done automated as soon as 100,- Euro / $ are reached, smaller amounts have to be claimed seperate and will be paid with the next monthly payoff. For the pament the each time valid Cirrus card-to-card transaction-fee will be charged and deducted from the payoff-amount. Transfers will be done in USDollar currency at the actual exchange rate.
If another way of payment (wire-transfer, check, Western Union, cash in letter) is requested, the member must apply for it seperate, all additional fees and cost will be charged extra.

Ad different currencies for partner-accounts
To simplify the accounting and orders for everybody, the partner-accounts can be kept and paymants are accepted in Euro and USDollar (depending on the country of the member and his currency). The product-price is (for now) equal (Exchange-rate 1:1). This can be repealed anytime - especially if the exchange-rate between Euro and US$ will differ engraving.

Please note the following rule:
Orders from clients/partners within the EU, Europe and countries, which have the Euro as local- or Lead-currency (see FAQ ) will be charged in Euro, their partner-accounts will be kept in Euro and payoff will be done in Euro (but the payment to the debitcard will be effected in US$ - at the actual exchange rate - becouse the cardaccount is kept in US$)
Orders from clients/partners fromUSA, overseas and countries, which have the US$ as local or Lead-currency (see FAQ ) will be charged in USDollar, their partner-accounts are kept in US$ and payoff will be effected in US$
The country, where the partner lives and and the currency of his first payment is decidingly in which currency (Euro or USDollar) his commission-account is kept. Main-currency for all processes is in general the Euro, if not other specified.
This affects not the account of the debitcards. Debitcard-accounts are kept in US$ only!

A selected currency for the partner-account cannot be changed. The first selected currency is basic for all future proceedings, payoff and transactions. Independent, in which currencies the clients and partners from the downline will pay their orders, the partner account will be kept in the once selected currency. (see Partner-FAQ)

Duration, canceation of accounts.
This agreement is valid for unlimited periode of time, cancellation of an account by the reseller is possible anytime, possibly prepaid promotion-packs will be not refunded and recruited partners will be not redeemed.

If an account is cancelled the downline moves up to the next sponsor.

Accounts can be terminated by the program-operator becouse of following reasons:
Offence against the T&C by a reseller;
Death, bankrupcy, constant insolvency, enforcing conviction of a member to an implicit/obligatory imprisonment, incapaciation, forced committal in a clinic or similar occassions, which make it impossible to the partner to continue the business.In such cases the regular legal mechanism come in force. In solchen Fällen treten die üblichen Rechtsmechanismen in Kraft. Claims must be raised by the successor, legal heirs, liquidator, custos, etc..
Inaktive accounts can be terminated after one year of inactivity. An account is considered inactive, if within one year no own purchase, no turnover from own orders, direct sales in the first level is done, no partners had been recruited and no movements on the commission account is visible. An account is also considered inactive, if the owner cannot been reached, the filed e-mail adress is wrong or changed, the mailbox is lastingly filled and mails return undeliverable.
Accounts can be inherited and sold. A sale of an account must be announced to the program-operator and he must agree in the sale and transfer to a new owner. He will not refuse his consent, if there are no convincing reasons, the buyer is entitled to join the program, continue the program according to the T&C and nobody gets disatvantages by the sale.
The program-operator will especially refuse his consent, if for the affected downline may arise some shortcomings. (e.g. when the buyer is from another country and cannot support the downline due to language-barriers.

Alteration and closure of the program.
Ist up to the program-operator to extend, reduce or change the business-units.
He can inactivate the program anytime, if the basic for the business disappears, if the program canot be (comprehensive) continued due to technical, legal, economically, organizarional or any other reasons, or if the operating is not longer profitable. Assessment and judgment is subject to the program-operator only. By the shutdown of the program there will arise no claims for the partners, beside their commissions on their accounts.
Alterations and additions reserved, they don't have to be announced seperate and will come in force immediately by publishing on this website, if no other date is called.

Special agreements have to be done in written only.

Only the german version (AGB´s) is legally binding, translations are noncommittal.

Basic for the contract is the at the time valid law for mailorder, internet-orders, EU-laws and austrian law.

Place of performance and place of trial is Vienna (Austria).

Ineffectiveness of conditions / Salvatorian clause
If single points of the contract should be not valid, it will not affect the other parapraphs.
The parties will change ineffective or invalid conditions by new paragraphs, which are according to the respective laws. The same will be done, if there should be a paragraph missing. Such a break will be closed by a paragraph which come near to the sense of the contract .

Privacy / Discretion / Data-protection:
Discretion is an essential program-advantage, therefor we pay highest attention to the privacy and data-protection.

We strictly seperate card-user (end-buyer) from referrer, which also participate in our affiliate-program. While datas of end-user will not be stored at GlobalCash, we have to ask the referrer for some personal datas to assign them within the structure, to credit them their commissions and keep them informed about the program.
Enduser must register their card at the bank – not at GlobalCash! Datas from clients are only used for shipping and billing.
Members of the partner-program must disclose their personal datas to identity them for commissioning.
The operator of the program has no insight or access to the card-accounts and can never bring a card-number in connection to a referrer. Especially he will not keep the numbers of delivered cards in his files. In case of lost or stolen card or lost passcodes and PIN-numbers the program-operator can make no statements about identifying attributes of the cards. This datas are only known by the cardholder and he is responsible to keep them safe and confidential.
Participants of the partnerprogram (reseller) declare by their enrollement their explicit agreement to receive information-mails in connex with the products and the program, newsletters from the program-operator and informations from his upline (especially from his direct sponsor). Resellers are forced to contact their downline only to inform them about this program and related news and use the mail-system thrifty and liable and not for advertising strange products or programs (spam).; neverthenless the program-operator cannot be liable for abusive use of the mailfunction by single members. Abuse of this function should be announced the operator. If a partner misuse the mailfunction of the program for spamming he may be excluded from the program and his account can be cancelled.
Datas from the partners will not be sold or given to third parties, by cancelling the account all the datas will be deleted as well. The program-operator cannot be made responsible for the passing on of datas by his resellers (sponsors) to third parties, although he will neither allow nor tolerate such actions. An offence against this regulation will lead to the disqualification of the transgressor and cancellation of his account.
For protection of the private-sphere of all members it is not allowed the reseller to store datas from his up- and downline extern, to pass such datas or to sell them to third parties. An offence against this rule will lead to immediate termination from the program, cancellation of his account and loss of all commissions and downline-partners, punishment / penalty and can have further consequences related to the civil-righs as well as criminal law.


According to laws in the different countries an operator of a website is also liable for the content of such pages, which a visitor of his page can reach by click on a link (or banner), if not explicit denied. Becouse of juridical reasons we herewith disassociate from all contents, which are on extern linked websites including all subpages. The program-operator is only responsible for the content on his own pages, never for content or design of extern webpages. If we place a link to strange webpages on our website we act in good faith, that the content of the linked site contain no illegal, pornographic, racism or other content which is not legal. We are not obliged to check the content of third parties websites regulary. Only if we get positive knowledge of such illegal content we have to remove such links and hinder the use of this sites, if technical possible and reasonable. Should some of the content on this Website offend against copyrights or brand-rights, we will remove the content upon order.
Without guarantee for prices, statistics, income-calculations, neither in this site, nor on extern sites. Errors and ommissions excepted.

All informations on the webserver of the program-operator had been carefully checked and are in accordance to our latest knowledge. However we cannot guarantee they are complete, correct and daily up to date. The program-operator, his Representing Offices and Affiliates take no responsibility for the use of this publication or their content.
Neither this (web-)publication nor the content may be changed or disseminated or passed on to third parties without explicit prior permission of the website-owner / program operator.