IMORTANT! Please note the activation-remarks at end of the page!


You received TWO cards with the same account-number operated by the same PIN-Code!
If you pass on one card with the PIN, the holder of this second card got same access to the accout as yourself!

ATTENTION, in case datas or numbers on this website vary from the english by-pack-text, always follow THE ORIGINAL INSTRUCTIONS!


1.) Cardnumber is the 19-digit number on the card (for every access by phone, online and to use as phone-card). This number is stored on the mangnetic-strip of the card as well.

2.) Passcode is the 6-digit number you choose when activating the card - requested for every online-access, for phone-services, to create and change PIN-codes. Keep confidential!

3.) PIN-Code is the 4-digit number you select - you need it to withdraw cash at ATM's and for every POS-purchase. Keep it in a safe place (not next to the card!)


1.) Note your cardnumber!
The 19-digit number is the only way to identify!
Your name is not registered!

2.) Activate your card!
Your card is ready to use, neverthenless you have to activate your card by
selecting your personal passcode and PIN Code:
Call US-toll-free Nummer +1-877-784-0458
(resp. +1-915-674-8720 - direct)
Your will be connected to a virtual response unit (VRU) - follow the instructions.
After creating and confirming the 6-digit passcode you can use your card.
Then create your 4-digit PIN-code and keep the numbers safe and confidential!
You will need this codes for all transactions by phone, online ( as well as for cash-withdrawls and purchases.

Depending on the type of your cards you may also receive:
a 6-digit activation-code (either sticked on top of the card-carriyng paper or printed under the left card) and a (temporary) 4-digit PIN-Code. This code is safely blocked out on a seperate sheet. To reveal your PIN Code follow the instructions. The PIN may be changed anytime.
If you receive your cards together with Code(s) use this numbers accordingly to previous activation-description.

ATTENTION! To activate your card use only a stable connected phone with proper connection. Do not use cellphones, satelite-phones, VoIP (Internet-phone) or public phones. An interrupted or poor connection during the activation or creation of PIN-codes may feed your card with wrong numbers and you cannot access your card.

3.) Registration of your Cards (Greencard)
According to the "Know-Your-Customer"-Programmes you must register your Debitcard (ALL types of cards!).
To register your Debitcard please use the registration form attached with the delivery of card or print this bilingual Version (english/german) (PDF-file / Acrobat Reader)
Here is the registration form "GREENCARD"
Here is the registration form "MORGAN BEAUMONT"
Registration of the cards must be done before the activation. Usually the activation will be released within
24h. after the registration forn was sent.

The signed Registration form you may send either
by Fax to the US-Nummer ++1 775-937-1420
or send by letter to:
Transaction Development Corporation
Green Card ATM
3517 SW 98th St.
Seattle, WA 98126-4019



  • 800.000 ATM's
  • 6 Mio. SHOPS

Load funds: You can only utilize the amount loaded on the card. When receiving the card there is no credit loaded!

Cash withdrawls at ATM: Insert Card, enter PIN-Code & select "Checking" - follow the instructions. - Always choose "Debitcard" (also refered as prepaid, Stored Value Card, Bank-card, etc.) NOT "Creditcard".

Purchase at POS: Every store accepting Cirrus/Maestro ATM-Cards may also accept your card. Insert the card and enter the PIN - thats all!

Online-Payments: All websites equipped with the VirtualMoney POS interface can accept your cards. Not all e-commerce shops already accepting ATM-Debitcards, but the number is increasing rapidly.

Utility Payments: Some locations accepting the card even without PIN Code (e.g. automatic phone-systems). In such case the cardnumber is enough.

Follow the instructions to check your balance, for card-to-card transfers, transfers to bankaccounts, etc.

Here are some ways to load your card - see your by-pack text!

1.) Cashiers Check & US-Postal Money Order: mail to
the Bank, which is mentioned on the leaflet which will come along with your card
Make sure you note your 19-digit Cardnumber!

2.) Wire transfers: to the same bank - instructions are sent with the card

3.) Card-to-Card: follow the online instructions or use the customer service by phone.
You need the cardnumber (no PIN) or account-number and bank-routing number of the receiver only!

4.) Directpayment (payroll, etc.) - contact the customer service

The phone number +1 877-784-0458 or +1 866 692-8622 and all instructions are printed on the backside of your card:
After dialling enter your 19-digit cardnumber and follow the instructions.
These numbers from backside of the card you also need in case of loss, balance enquiry by phone etc.

LOGOS on the backside of cards: Worldwide important are the Logos of Virtual Money, Cirrus and Maestro, identifying the card as part of this networks. Other logos are in connex with health service within the USA only! Coast-to-Coast Vision Plan, UHS Chiropractic, RAmerica, see

More information on the page prices & fees

Some english terms:
Outside USA the "International" prices are valid, "Domestic" means within USA only.
POS = Point of sale (Store, etc.)
ATM = Automated Teller Machine (Machine to withdraw cash),
VRU Voice Response Unit = automatic telephone system,
decline = if you interrupt a process or you try to take more money as your card is loaded with the system will interrupt the process.

ATTENTION! Telephoneservice is in english, but easy to understand for everybody. Just one passus during which you are asked to enter numbers, the last part if the sentence is hard to understand for some non-english speaking persons: ("... pound-sign"): it means
"... and press this # ! sign!"

we realized that some of you have problems to withdraw cash at the ATM´s with your Cirrus-Card.
The point is as follows:
For ATM´s and offline-payments you need a 4-digit PIN-Code, not just the 6-digit code you created when you activated your card.
The 6-digit code is to access the online-system only.
To create the 4-digit PIN-code, dial the toll-free number of Virtual-Money USA +1 877 7840458 (or +1 915 5748720 - number is also printed on your card), enter your card-number and the 6-digit-code (you created when activating your card) then press 2# ("other options") and 4# ("Create and change your 4-digit PIN-Code"). Now select and enter your private 4-digit Code and press the pound sign ( Pound sign means this # )
Only with the 4-digit code you can operate the Card offline and at ATM´s!

Always use stable phone-connections for access your account by phone to avoid misinterpretation of entered numbers!