Is one of the most important advantage of our product.
Therefor we pay special attention to the points data-protection and privacy.

We strictly seperate card-user (end-buyer) from
Advertising-partner which also participate in our affiliate-program.

While datas of end-user will not be stored at GlobalCash, we have to ask the reseller for some personal datas to assign them within the structure, to credit them their commissions and keep them informed about the program.

You must register your card at the bank not at GlobalCash! The program-operator will supply you the necessary forms to register and activate your cards direct!

Extracts from our T&C and FAQ about pricacy:
Datas from clients are only saved for shipping and billing and will be deleted afterwards. The actual user of the card and the person, who ordered the card don't have to be identical and it is not possible to identify the cardowner by the order. Sales are handled exclusively in the way as a cash-sale.
Members of the partner-program must disclose their personal datas to identity them for commissioning. Neverthenless it is impossible to draw conclusions from the reseller to the owner of a card. Orderer, owner and user of the cards don't have to be the same persons.
The operator of the program has no insight or access to the card-accounts and can never bring a card-owner in connection to a reseller. Even under penalty of sanctions it will never be possible to give any information about the cardholder to authorities. Not even the orderer or the owner of the card can get any information about his card or his card-account from the program-operator. Especially he will not keep the numbers of delivered cards in his files. In case of lost or stolen card or lost passcodes and PIN-numbers the program-operator can make no statements about identifying attributes of the cards. This datas are only known by the cardholder and he is responsible to keep them safe and confidential
Participants of the partnerprogram (reseller) declare by their enrollement their explicit agreement to receive information-mails in connex with the products and the program, newsletters from the program-operator and informations from his upline (especially from his direct sponsor). Resellers are forced to contact their downline only to inform them about this program and related news and use the mail-system thrifty and liable and not for advertising strange products or programs (spam).; neverthenless the program-operator cannot be liable for abusive use of the mailfunction by single members. Abuse of this function should be announced the operator. If a partner misuse the mailfunction of the program for spamming he may be excluded from the program and his account can be cancelled.

Datas from the partners will not be sold or given to third parties, by cancelling the account all the datas will be deleted as well. The program-operator cannot be made responsible for the passing on of datas by his resellers (sponsors) to third parties, although he will neither allow nor tolerate such actions. An offence against this regulation will lead to the disqualification of the transgressor and cancellation of his account.

For protection of the private-sphere of all members it is not allowed the reseller to store datas from his up- and downline extern, to pass such datas or to sell them to third parties. An offence against this rule will lead to immediate termination from the program, cancellation of his account and loss of all commissions and downline-partners, punishment / penalty and can have further consequences related to the civil-righs as well as criminal law.

About the registration of the Debitcards:
According to the bankers "Know-Your-Customer" Program it is requested to identity yourself when activating the debitcard (name, adress, phone, e-mail, number of ID-card, driver licence or similar) at the bank. We do not ask for or store such datas and they will not been passed to any authority automated. They are just to identify a person in case of illegal / terrorist activities. Beside this one-time identification the card is anonymous and no name is printed on the card.