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On this page you find answers to the following topics:
FAQ about the program in general
FAQ about payment and currency
FAQ about insallement of (multiple) account(s)
FAQ about competition
FAQ about non-circumvention agreement
FAQ about advertising-rules
FAQ about commissioning / active accounts
FAQ about cancellation of accounts / inactive accounts
FAQ from mercants / card accepting stores
FAQ from companies / bulk orders

FAQ about the partnerprogram

When will distribution start?
Already started! Whenever you see this website the product is available and we deliver a.s.a.p.

Is it a prelaunch?
No! The product is ready, we deliver and you receive commissions immediately - not only sometimes!

Why others make prelaunches?
Mostly they do not have the product ready and need buyers first, who are going to finance the company by their payment and then the company try to produce or buy the product. Not always successful. Furthermore it's easier for a company to go in the market with an already existing distribution and they will get easier the necessary funds for the start than without any sales-organisation behind. Sometimes it is just a market-test or the company is not registered yet.

Will i receive follow-up commissions?
Yes, you will receive commissions from all future orders of all your partners and clients . And the best - you receive commissions over 6 tiers deep!

Will i recieve follow-up commissions from the card-fees?
Sorry, that's impossible, since the card is valid for 5 years, we charge no fixed monthly fee and the cards are anonym, so the cards cannot been assigned to a partner.
Transaction fees charged by the card-processor are used to maintain the service. They don't pay us commissions and the expenses for such an accounting would be anyhow to costly, as we know from practics.

Will i receive commissions from the transaction with the cards i sold?
No, this is impossible as well. Neither deposits nor withdrawls or purchases will be registerd by us and therefor we cannot pay commissions for transactions.

But another company promised me this.
To promise and to keep a promise are two sorts. We know, that there are companies, which make such prospects, but nobody will give you such a guarantee. If you definately receive somewhere commissions, when a partner in your third tier paid his dinner with a card, let us know!

How much money can i earn?
It depends on you and the efforts of your partners you enrolled. The payment is only result-orientated - there is no limit for your income by commissions.

It depends on you and the efforts of your partners you enrolled. The payment is only result-orientated - there is no limit for your income by commissions.
Use your personal income-calculator to estimate your possible profit- and income potential!

Do you guarantee a minimum income?
No, this would be at least unserious. Also our partners are not allowed to make some statements about the height of your income or guarantee you a minimum or fixed income.

Must i declare this income to the tax?
Yes, in case this income is taxable according to the laws in your country. You are responsible by yourself for your tax - we do not make tax-declarations for you.

How about the Visacard?
We are in negotiations with an authorized distributor, who is discussing with Visa about this topics. As soon as we can offer Visacards as well we will do it.
If you are ready to open an offshore bank-account to receive a Visa-Electron Card we may help you through some partner-companies. For details, please contact us.

Euro or Dollar?

In which currency can i pay?
To simplify the orders for all clients and partners, paymants are accepted in Euro and USDollar. The price is (for now) equal. This can be repealed anytime - especially if the exchange-rate between Euro and US$ will differ engraving. Payments in other currencies are not accepted.

Please note the following rule:
Orders from clients/partners within the EU, Europe and countries, which have the Euro as local- or Lead-currency will be charged in Euro
Orders from clients/partners from USA, overseas and countries, which have the US$ as local- or Lead-currency will be charged in USDollar

The country in which the orderer lives and in which currency he make his first payment will be decisively, in which currency (Euro or US$) the reseller-account will be kept in future.
This is not concerning the card-account. Card-accounts are kept in USDollar only!

*) Lead currency: From wherever in Europe and where the Euro is the local currency you pay in Euro. Also from (french, dutch, spanish) oversea-territories and from countries, where the Euro is (beside the local currency) an accepted side-currency resp. the lead-currency (EU-candidates and Currency-Board-states as Bulgaria, Bosnia-Herzegowina, Montenegro, Kosovo, Estonia, Lithuania; Latvia, Macedonia, Croatia, Jugoslavia, Poland, Hungary, ...)
Use Euro also for payments from Switzerland and UK.
If your country is located in Europe, but USDollar is more common, you can pay in US$ as well, if it is easier for you. (e.g. Turkey, Russia, ...)
Payments from America, Asia, Australia and Africa please send in US$, except if Euro is the local / lead currency (european oversea territories)

In which currency my partner-account will be kept?
The answer is in in conformity to the previos: Accounts from European partners (as before) will be kept in Euro. All the others will be kept in US$.

Why can accounts be kept in different currencies?
It helps the partners and clients to order easy without taking care on daily different exchange-rates. Also it is easier for the program operator to organize the program and bookkeeping of the accounts.

How about the exchange-rate?
At this moment the value of USDollar and Euro is nearly equal, small differences can be absorbed by the program-operator. Since we need Euro and US$ as well it will adjust itself. If the exchange-rate will differ angraving the rule may change and prices and accounts adjusted.

How to select my currency?
This will be done automatical - depending on the country where you live and in which currency your first payment will arrive. In this currency your account will be kept. If you have (e.g. as private person and company located in different countries) more accounts, you may also have accounts in both currencies.

Can i change the currency later by myself?
No, the selected currency will remain unchanged (if the currency-rule is not changed completely)

What happen if partner pay in another currency as my account is kept in?
We always calculate in the currency fist choosen, no matter, in which currency your partners pay. A card cost 95 monetary units (no matter if Euro or $ is the paid unit) and will be calculated in the selected currency unit.
As example: You live in USA, your account is kept in US$ and your partner from Germany buy a card at 95 Euro. He paid in Euro. You receive (in first level) 20% commission (i.e. 19 units), which will be credited your account as $ 19,-. If this partner recruit another partner from Russia, who pay a card for $ 95,- (95 currency units), your commission will be also credited in US$ ($ 4.75), while your german partner will receive his commission again in his currency - i.e. 19,00 Euro.

In which currency will i receive my commission paid?
Payoff is done on your Cirrus-account, which is always kept in US$. Payments will be effected in US$ currency, the exchange will be done according to the actual daily rate. If your partneraccount is kept in Euro you will receive a slightly higher or lower US$-amount on your card, if your partneraccount is already kept in US$ you will receive exactly the same amount on your Cirrus card (less transaction fee)

Why different currencies for partneraccounts?
The reason is to simplify the organisation of the partneraccounts and allow easy payment from our clients. In fact the prices of every single item equals a point-unit. If we would change the prices of the items every day according to the exchange-rate there would be daily other prices and numbers, which are hard to transfer, since wire-transfers or money orders sometimes are not accepted if there are no straight figures. 95 can be even sent in Euro or Dollar in an envelope (unlike 94,78). Even more complicated is to keep the statements up to date if we have to recalculate them with daily exchange rates. To recruit partners outside the own currency-sphere would be mor complicated and the handling to costly.

To open accounts, double accounts / multiple accounts:

I don't have a computer / internet can i participate in the program?
Yes, you don't need an own computer or internet-connection, but we must reach you by e-mail. This can be also through a internet-cafe, etc.

My friend living on another adress, but using my computer - can he/she participate - and may i recruit him/her?
Yes, no need for an own PC, just a seperate e-mail adress is OK.

May i recruit my spouse?
Yes, you may recruit family-members and relatives but only 2 persons at the same adress (same household).

Can i recruit my wife and she recruit my son and he my daughter?
This is only allowed, it your kids are already adult and living on another adress. If your kids are still in kindergarden it is not possible, also if they still live in the same household.

My brother lives at the same adress, but he have an own flat in the same house - can i recruit him additional to my wife?
Yes, if he have an own adress (another flat / door number) it is no problem. If your whole family lives in the same house at each flat/household 2 persons are allowed.

I have a second household (different adress) - can i recruit myself at the second adress?
No. You cannot recruit yourself as person, no matter how many flats you have.

My 99 years old grandmother lives in a home for the aged - may i recruit her?
If she agrees, of course! But remember, we will correspond with her and she will receive the commissions - not you! If she dies, the account will be transferrred to the known heirs.

My uncle in the outbacks of Australia don't care what i do under his name - can i enroll him as well?
No, if somebody don't agree personal with an enrollment, you are not entitled to do this. Neither the missing grand grandfather, nor the granduncle placed under diasbility or the imprisoned neighbour can be enrolled without his consent. This an illegal act as well as enrolling non-existing persons. Donald Duck cannot be enrolled, no more than names from the local obituaries! Also homeless from the street with adress "barkbench central park" cannot be enrolled. Enrolled persons must personal agree and need a regular resident adress.

I have a Limited (company) - can my Ltd. participate in the program additional?
Yes - you may have an account in your name and another as company, if this is a seperate legal construct. You can recruit your company or vice-versa.

I am freelancer and my company is registered with my name only - can i open two accounts?
No - if you and your company is the same person it is not possible. But if you have good reasons to open two accounts (e.g. you want to seperate your personal and your company-expenses), you can report us this circumstances and have two accounts, which must be enrolled in the same level. You are not allowed to recruit yourself (yourself as a name-registered firm). Also if your company got some phantasy-name (e.g. "Billy´s Bar") , but is registered officially with your name you cannot recruit yourself.

I have a corporation with several departments and branches on different locations; they all have the same company name - how should i proceed?
Sign up the headoffice first and under the headoffice you enroll every branchoffice on the same level. As headoffice you can recruit the branch-offices in one level, but not all in next levels.
If within the headquater you have also different departments, which need own accounts, report us this fact and handle each department as it would be a branch.

I have different companies with different names (each a individual legal personality) and on different locations - how to sign up?
You are free to sign up as you like and one company can recruite the other - even if you have 20 different Inc., Ltd's and Corps. at different locations.

At one adress i am registered myself and all my 20 Ltd's (e.g. a Construction-company with a seperate Ltd. for every project). How can i proceed?
In each household there are only 2 signups allowed. You inform us about this fact and below your own name or the name of your main-company (holding) you can enroll all your (sub-) companies in the same level. You are not allowed to signup your companies over 20 levels in depth.

What is considered as a regular resident adress?
Your resident adress is where you usually stay and where you are officially registered (if this is necessary in your country). The adress of a company is the adress, where she is registered in the company register. Neither "City cementery Row 3", nor "Penal Institution securitytract", "Insane Asylum - closed wing, padded room 1", "Mattress, right under the bridge" , "Locker 321 Central Station", or "Poste Restante, General Post Office Calcutta" are regular adresses, which are accepted for this program. Post Office Boxes can be mentioned only as additionalmailing-adress, if there is a actual person or company with a regular adress in the same city behind the P.O.Box. A hotel is no regular resident adress, except you are the owner or permanent tenant.

Ad Non-competition:

I have a Visacard - is this forbidden?
Of course not! You can have as many credit- and debitcards as you like. This is not what we mean by non-competition.

I already participate in affiliate-programs (e.g. Cashevolution, Empowerism, etc.) which give debitcards to their partners - will i be excluded from this program?
Don't worry, you can participate, even you are member of ten other such programs, which offer debitcards for their partners, as long this is not their main-business and a direct competitor.

I participate in a affiliate-program, which offers offshore accounts with debitcards - how about this?
Also no problem, as long you are not the general manager of this competitor and as long you keep all our internal things confidential.

I am employee from a bank and also in charge for creditcard-applications - may i join?
Yes, as long you keep our datas confidential - but you know this paragraph from your employment-contract with the bank already.

My spouse is working as secretary for a creditcard-organisation (e.g. Diners Club) - any problems?
No problem, but neither you, nor your spouse may disclose informations and datas to her/his employer.

As a leading manager (chairman) of an internet-firm selling also solely debitcards i want to join the program to know what´s going on there - may i?
No - leading manager of direct competitors and their familymembers are not allowed to participate.

May i offer other debitcards to my downline?
No, the partners of this program are tabu. You got a free website to promote this program, not to deal with any other products!

About the Non-Circumvention clause:

What means Non-Circumvention?
The business-ethics within a group with the same target (especially in a MLM-structure) should include absolute mutual trust. Building a Network is only possible, if trust is a logical precondition and if partner help each other without fearing to be by-passed. It must not happen, that a sponsor sneak his partners business or prospect, if he is asked for support. To help his downline is a natural rule in Network-Marketing and the trust, which a partner set in his sponsor, when he ask him for help, must not be disappointed and exploited unfair. If a partner pass on datas from a prospect, who should be informed by his sponsor (who might have more experience or a better knowledge about a product) in some details, this sponsor may not recruit this prospect for himself and enroll the person by circumventing the originating partner, but should sign him up under his originating recruiter.
This rule should avoid, that new, unexperienced partners are afraid to ask the upline for help, when they would need their sponsors most.

How about free competition?
Competition is fine, but not by internal unfairness, which is moreover completely shortsighted.
By helping your partners to achieve their goals, you help yourself to succeed in Multi-Level-Marketing. To snap away a business - which is anyhow profitable for you - from your partner, who brings you steady business, destroying trust and lose a business-friend would be pure nonsense.

About advertising rules:

Do i have to ask for permission everytime i send out a mailing?
Of course not! You can promote your business as you like, as long as you are following the general rules. Keep in mind, that you are liable for your advertising and the statements. If you are offering a "Creditcard", your client is right to ask for credit and if you guarantee a monthly income of $ 100.000 your partner may sue you, if he don't earn this amount!

What happens, if somebody complain about my spam?
We will follow this case and if he is right, we will warn you first time and in rude cases (if we get several complaints) and in case of repetition we will delete your account. We know, that there are always some people, who complain about mails, they asked a day before and we will proceed accordingly. Avoid in any case mass-mailings to unknown adresses, even you bought them in good faith, this will lead definately to troubles. Especially, if you copy all adresses in the CC-window (and make them visible to all receivers) instead of using the BCC (BlindCarconCopy) fuction to make them invisible. Also never spread out your advertising by the "reply all"-button to such mails - this is also considered as spam. Never send mails to adresses you extracted by some search- & spider-programs from classified ads or unknown homepages. Also do not send a "request" to such adresses. It only leads to troubles; same as if you post your ads in chatrooms, newsgroups and forums, where this is not explicit allowed.

How may i use the mailfunction to my downline?
You can and should utilize this function to keep contact to all your partners. You may do whatever you want to keep information flowing without bothering your partner. Use the function to inform, motivate and communicate as far it is necessary for the program. Use it reasonably and dont's swap your downline with irrelevances, or nobody will take care on your important messages, your mails will be deleted without reading and partners will unsubscribe from your list..

May i use the mailfunction to promote other opportunities?
In general not, except it is useful for this program as well. If you found a new way to advertise (mailexchange, etc.) you can inform your downline from time to time, but not promoting daily each new offer. If you dedected a fine new translation-program, a specialized newsgroup, a related article, etc., inform your downline, but exempt them from daily scrap-mails about paid4... offers. Of course you can add the link to your private homepage or your chatroom, but not hundereds of advertising-links for strange programs. If your downline complaining, we will stop you.

May i mention the high income opportunity in my advertisement?
Yes, as long you give no guarantee or promise irrealistic income. Be credibly and avoid exaggerations! Your promotion will be more successful, if you stay objective and serious. Examples of calculations must be identified as mathematic-examples and may not been interpreted as guaranteed income!

Which advertising is catching?
Prospects for the debitcards search for competent advise and correct information. Discetion, seriousity and trust are basic for a successful business. Unprecise statements and loud slogans will discourage the real buyer. Debitcards are a realistic considered product of high attention (money!) and not an emotional purchase - information sells such products!
Distinguish clearly if you advertise for the end-buyer (the anonymous card-user), for companies and key-account clients (e.g. paid4.... programs, which want to use the cards as payment-instrument) or if you advertise to recruit reseller for your structure and treat them seperately.
Keep in mind, the reasons for this three groups are various and respont to their wishes.
The foreign worker, who want to transfer money home, the dentist, who want to carry his holiday-expenses by the card or the general-manager, who want to provide a card to his staff will most probably show no interest for the Network-opportunity. You should simply accept this.

About commissioning; active accounts:

When will commissions be paid?
Commissions are paid at the beginnig of each month for the previous month(s). Once the minimum limit of Eur./$ 20,- is reached the payment can be requested, once the height of payable commissions reached Eur./$ 100,- payment will be done automated. Commissions are payable for active accounts only.

When is an account active?
An account is active only after an OWN purchase (paid order) startig with the day the payment arrived. As long there was no order (and payment) from an account this account is not considered active.
To maintain an account active, the account must have once within 6 month either an own purchase or a direct sale to the first level (firstline). Turnover from deeper levels do not maintain an account as active, even this turnover will be commissioned of course.
An unpaid order is not enough to activate an account. The Platin Plus Service is considered as an valid purchase only if the application was accepted by Mitacs, an inital payment arrived at Mitacs and the service is in use for at least three month. If the service is cancelled earlier it is not considered as a valid order to activate an account or to be commissionable.

Will commissions been paid from an non-active account ?
No. As long as an account is not active or from the moment an acoount is not longer active no commissions will be paid to this account and all commissions, which are earned within an inactive period are void. This money will neither paid out later nor can this commissions be used in any other form. This regulation will be executed strict and without exceptions, „i did not know“ is no excuxe. (this is clearly stated in the T&C’s and mentioned in newsletters from time to time

How is the handling in practice?
After signup is a one month-period to place an own order, during this period commissions will be accepted also for order from the downline, if they happen before the first own purchase. Means, if someone signs up on the first of a month, enrolling new partners, which order immediately and the referrer place his own order to activate his account some time later (within 30 days after his own signup), commissions for the previous orders of his partners will be commissionable. This is a fair chance to test GlobalCash and to select the right item to buy. After the 30 day-period the commissions will be waived irrevocable. No exceptions, since within 30 days it should be possible to make a choice, to place an order and effect the payment.
Further – after the 30-days trial – commissions are only void from exactly the moment on, when an account is active – not a day, a week or a month retrospectively.
To be eligible receiving commissions from the very first moment, every partner should place an own order within a month after he signed up. (since if somebody do not even know the products he also cannot refer them to others, i guess)
"Only the convinced can convince others“ - (Aristoteles).
As soon as there is a first own turnover (and as long as the account is active, means an own purchase or a direct sale within every half year – this period will be considered approximately) all sales will be fully commissionable.

Can i buy later to activate my account?
Sure. An account can be activated anytime – even after several months – by a own purchase. But the commissions gained before the activations will be void and will be not credited later on.

Can i re-activate an account after a period of inactivity ?
Yes, this is also possible. If an account after an own sale was inactive for e.g. 12 month - no own purchase and no direct-sales to the first line during a full year – the account is considered as inactive since the last 6 month, but a own purchase or a direct sale in the first level will re-activate the account without delay. For the period of inactivity will be no commissions (maybe arising from sales in deeper levels) paid, but starting from the day the account is reactivated all commissions will be accounted and paid as usual,

How about if i bought items already before i become a Reseller?
The same 30-days regulation as for the reseller is effective, in case somebody (as a enduser) order items before he even sign up as a reseller. Purchases within 30 days previous signup will be accepted as a own turnover, orders dating back a longer period are not acceptable, the buyers-datas might been even deleted meanwhile. This regulation also enables buyers to test the product before he decide to become a reseller.

In case i (my family) have two (more) accounts – is one order good enough to activate all accounts?
No! Each person can have one account only, and in considering the other account owned by another person, the other person must activate the account as well by themself by an own purchase. It’s not enough if a family holding 5 accounts place just one order to get commissions paid to all their accounts and across 5 levels. Sorry – this is not the spirit of MLM.

I have already ordered a few cards for my family, but always used the same account!
If we received several independent orders from accounts, which came obviously from the same family (same familyname, same postal-adress, e-mail, telephonenumber, etc. – from one family at the same adress there are only two accounts allowed) we can make an exception as follows: Upon request the first order received can be assigned to the first signup (the sponsor) and the second/additional order can be assigned to „family-account“ in the downline and be commissioned. In such case we can consider it as an error to be excused. This exception can be used only once for the very first order and only in the case, if several (two) independent orders arrived. Such a proceeding will be done only upon request – it is not an automated process, but a goodwill as far as possible (if the orders and accounts are still on file and can be tracked).
In practice: Mister John Doe has an account and enrolled his wife Jane Doe (at the same adress). First Jane ordered a card and a month later John also ordered a card, but again using the name of his wife. In this case we will make an exception and we can use the first order to activate Johns account with the first order. Precondition is, that John has his account already first (not any later constructions accepted), both accounts still existing, we receive a request to do so (a simple mail is enought) and both parties – John and Jane Doe – agree in this proceeding.

Can i utilize / split one collected order for several cards to activate several independent accounts?
No - Each order is valid only completely for one account. Its not possible to gain the discount for 5 cardsets by one order, but split this order to 5 different accounts for activation. Either you will have a discountprice for the collected order of 5 sets for one account or you purchase the 5 sets at the regular price from 5 different accounts to activate them all. Of course you can order at the same moment for three of your accounts promotion-packs, for the next some CallingCards and for the last the debitcards – its up to you. (precondition that your accounts are for different juridical persons and allowed according to the T&C)

May i transfer commissions from inactive accounts to another acoount?
No. Commissions are not transferable to other accounts or other persons in order to circumvent this regulation. Payments will be done exclusively to this person, who is identified as the owner of the account. It is also useless to change names later in the administration area to circumvent this rule – all datas are tracked and stored immediately at the signup in an independent database and changes are obviously visible to the administrator, since such accounts cannot be assigned to the actual owner.

Can i utilize commissions for a purchase?
Yes, once the account is active and the commissions due, it is possible to request the commissions to be used for a order, effected at the same time. In this case you should pay attention to the fact, that only complete commissions can be paid (not partial) and it is also not possible to pay orders using some part from commissions and pay another part by wire-transfers etc. In exceptional cases it might be possible, but not on a regulary base.
An inactive account definately cannot been activated by a purchase, which should be paid by commissions which are not due: Clearly spoken it is not possible to wait until the downline generate turnover and utilize the non-due commissions from an non-active account to buy something and to turn it into an active account. From every account to which commissions will be paid, first of all there must exist an incomming payment.

Any minimum-turnover to activate an account?
No neither the height of the turnover nor the kind of purchased product is important.

Will i get commissions for all products or only for products i bought myself as well?
For all! No need to purchase all various products from GlobalCash to receive commissions for all types of items referred. Ist only essential to buy any product to activate the account. Ist enough to buy just one debitcard by your own in order to get the commissions for debitcards, promotionpacks, calling-cards and all other GlobalCash products.

Why it’s impossible just to refer, without buying?
You may do so, but you will gain no income from this activity. – and there are a few good reasons:
First of all you should know and utilize products by yourself, if you suggest them to others. If you refer things you do not even know by yourself you are not trustworthy to a client and you will have less success.
The website for the partners cost money and it makes no sense, if there are countless signups from brokers but no buyers for the product. There are numberless such programs in the web, most of them are stillbirth before they started. In order to survive on a serious base and to pay ongoing commissions, every program need first of all an income. To generate an income items must be sold, not only money shifted between the members.
Partnerprograms live from active members and every serious networker prefer to work in an active program, where he also can gain a serious income, not only to have a remarkable downline. From nothing comes nothing!
This is a fair play: Nobody is forced to to pay something for a „membership-fee“, webspace or knowhow, but everyone can utilize the 30 days trial period (or even longer) to find out, if he is really willing and able to sell this kind of products. And in case he invest some money, then for a product which is representing a value – even later on. Not for an entrance fee, which will be gone and become worthless later on.
This practice makes sure, that only really interested persons join the affiliate program, no illusionists, thinking they can become a millionaire within a few month without working and investments. This dreamer should try their luck elsewhere. Watching the success of those partners, who are really engaged in this business, iam positive, that this considerations are correct.

But i dont need the GlobalCash products ...?
Maybe you don‘t need them – but your clients. For this reason you will at least need one sample, know the proceeding and the function from own experience. How else will you be in the position to explain the product or show the clients a sample if you are asked?
And finally, you can give the products to someone else, if you really dont know what do do with the item.

Why the commissions show up in the admin-area of inactive accounts as well?
When booking the clients payments (which are commission-effective in 6 levels) the program makes no difference between active or non active accounts. This is the reason, why the commissions show up on all accounts, but non- active accounts actually receive no payments. This funds decline and will be deleted from the accounts by moving them from „Amount due“ to „amounts paid“, even the money will not be paid off. So everyone, who has an inactive account also see the amounts he is loosing.

What happens to this funds?
Delined funds will be utilized e.g. for incentives and extraordinary advertisement (beside / additional to the income from the promotion-packs) and will become in favour of the participants of the advertising-program and the successful partners. Another part of these amounts will be used to improve the program, for product development and saved for incalculable expenses.

About inactive accounts and termination of accounts:

When and why will inactive accounts be deleted?
An account may (not must) may be deleted after one year of complete inactivity.
Inactiv means, that (within one year) there is no own turnover (no own orders), no new partners recruited and no direct sales to existing partners - means there is no own turnover and also no turnover in the firstline.
In such a case it is obviously that this partner is not longer interested in the program and most probably he just signed up to get a card (which is anyhow not necessary), to participate from the bulk-order price or becouse of any other reason, which don't apply any longer. If someone is inactive for a year we also think he is not longer interested to be stored in any database. For the operator there are only additional cost, the datas slowing down the system and access getting slower for all.
Such an account may get deleted (usually also in the interest of the inactive person).

Before we delete accounts we will try to contact the persons anyhow. Deletion will not be done automated. Such cancellations are also for the advantage of active members, who will find in their downline also just active partners. This partners will also be better supported by their sponsors.
Considering this program is a longlasting, serious business it is in everybodys interest, that only active partners participate.

What happen to the downline in case an account is cancelled?
In case a member with own partners in his downline is deleted, the partners move up to the next sponsor in their direct upline. This will create an "Spillover-effect" from the basic up.
As an example: Imagine an inactive partner, who once recruited another inactive partner, who recruited just one partner (in most cases this are accounts from family-members, who enrolled each others) will be deleted. Below this chain of some inactive there is an active member and here starts an active structure, which might have grown up to thousands active members in the 5th. and 6th. tier. As long the 2 inactive accounts are in between the (active) Upline-Sponsor will receive no commissions (since this crowd of partners would be in his 7th and 8th level - out of his reach. But once this two inactive accounts are cleared, this partners are suddenly in his commissionable levels 5 and 6 - Surprise!

How can i make sure my account is always active?
It's easy! The best is active participation in the program, referring new clients and partners. Whoever don't want to sell and recruit himself (or want to take a rest for a year and go on a long vacation), is well advised to participate in the promotion program. The own turnover for the promo-pack is enough to keep the account active and moreover this advertisement will automated recruit new partners and make new sales, so that the account is constantly active and the downline keep on growing.

How to unsubscribe from mails?
It is not possible to unsubscribe from mails from the administrator, becouse they contain important informations from the program-operator. Partners can only change the mailadress where such mails should be sent to. (ATTENTION – if a mailadress is unavailable, the account may be deleted). In order to unsubscribe from the admin-mails it is necessary to delete the account completely.

Can i cancel my account myself?

Of course it is possible anytime to unsubscribe and cancel the account. All datas will be irrevocable erased from the system.

How can i unsubscribe from the program and delete my account?
As long as the account showing no affiliates (downline) and/or commission-credits (amount due) a mail containing the User-ID and password sent to is enough and the account will be deleted at the next database cleanup.
If an account got already partners in the downline and/or commissions (amount due) it is necessary to send a signed application to delete the account (showing name, adress, User-ID and password along with a copy of a identification document) by registered letter to Norbert Brust, Sanettystr. 3, A-1080 Wien (Vienna) – Österreich (Austria). The account will be also deleted at the next database cleanup. The partners from the downline will be shifted to the sponsor in the next higher level automated. Credits on such an account will decline, if they are not collected before the account get cancelled (pay attention to the min.-payout limit). Amounts below the min.-payout limit will decline anyhow irrevocable.

Can i sign up again after an account was cancelled?
Yes, also possible anytime. Precondition is, that the account had not been terminated by the operator due to an offence against the T&C and the operator refuse a new registration from this person.

Why these sanctions for misbehavior?
Each rule need also sanctions, otherwise the rule is teethless. If there would be no penalty for excess speed, everybody would drive as he like. Even the bible knows the sanction of eternal hellfire. And since we are not dealing with a few advertising-points or fractions of cents, but with pretty good money - money which also belongs to the single members of the program - and with the best efforts of many people, everybody have to be protected from the misbehavior of single individuals. Such misbehavior (fraudulent manipulations, misuse of the system, etc.), which may not only lead to disadvantages but also may infringe in the property of other persons. In such a case it is not enough to say "Please, don't do it again", but needs draconian means of discourages, which also must be allowed to execute.
Finally the commentary of the sanctions will be a matter of discretion by the program operator, but in case of willful acts to the disadvantage of others, the frame of the sanctions - up to the cilvil law- and penal prosecution - should be able to be exhausted.
This should be clear to everybody, who might try to get advantages by illegal actions or hindering others (even indirect) in their work.

Questions from merchants (card accepting POS):

Can i also accept these cards?
Yes, if you already accept PIN-operated debitcards you can accept this card as well. If in doubt, ask your card-processor / clearinghouse (Mastercard, Visa, Europay, etc.)

How can i know, if i can process PIN-operated debitcards?
If you have a card-scanner, an online-connection to your card-processor / clearinghouse (creditcard organisation) and your clients can enter their 4-digit PIN by a numberpad, you may accept this card as well.
If you just accept creditcards, if you have no online-connection to the cardorganisation, your clients have to sign the slips (not just enter the PIN) or if you still use the old card-imprinters you cannot accept this cards. If in doubt, ask your card-processor / clearinghouse (Mastercard, Visa, Europay, etc.)

What is the difference to a creditcard-clearing?
In contrast to creditcards (where the amount will be charged to the buyer later) a debitcard will be charged in the moment of the purchase and the amount is withdrawn immediately from the card. Therefor the coverage of the card must be checked and confirmed at the moment of purchase. This can be done only, if you are online with your creditcard-clearinghouse.
Your advantage is, that the debitcard is definately covered (no overdrawing possible), you get the money immediately and for sure and there will be no reverse transfers of accounts.

How can i get a card-scanner to accept this cards?
Please contact your card-processor / clearinghouse (Mastercard, Visa, Europay, etc.) to discuss the necessary steps.

How can i use this card in e-commerce?
Debitcards are the perfect solution for your online-shop, becouse they eliminate many forms of abuse. If you already accept debitcards (in your shop the buyer can select payment by credit- or debitcard) you can accept this card.
Crucial is, that the identification of the cardowner is done by entering the cardnumber and the PIN-Code.

Can i utilize this card also in the case if i do not want to accept creditcards and don't want to make the clearing through a cardorganisation?
You can accept payments from your clients card to your Maestro-Debitcard (Card-to-Card Transfers) and the funds will be credited to your card-account immediately without a clearinghouse in between.
To do so, you have to give your cardnumber to your client and he can arrange the card-to-card transfer under the link online. Since the transaction will show no details you should ask your client for his cardnumber to identify and assign payments - especially if you expect several payments with the same amount.

Which fees will be charged to accept this cards?
Usually the fees for this cards are much cheaper thar regular creditcard-fees. Please ask your card-clearinghouse for details.

For more questions as merchant
please send us a mail or ask your card-clearinghouse for details.

Questions from companies (keyaccount-clients):

Can i pass this cards to my staff?
Yes, no problem. The cards are anonym, with no name on it and can be passed on anytime to everybody.

Is this a risk for me?
No, the card is covered up to the amount paid on the card and cannot been overdrawn. Also the card is not connected to your private or company bankaccount. An abuse by illoyal employees is impossible.

Can i pay the salary to the cards?
Yes, the card is perfect to send money to your employees or partners (e.g. in Affiliate-Programs) worldwide at low cost. Perfect to transfer even small amounts (Micropayments). Your staff can withdraw their money immediately at any ATM in the local currency without expensive fees for cashing checks, wire-transfers and money-exchange. Especially micropaymants (small amounts of a few Dollar only) can't be done quicker and cheaper.

May i resell the cards?
No. Since the enduser must be known to the bank and we are responsible for a correct registration, we do not allow anybody to resell the cards to third parties. You can refer the card in the framework of our affiliate-program and you will get commissions for your reference, but we do not supply cards to reseller!

May i include this offer in my own MLM-System?
We are no competitor to other, existing MLM-programs, but a supplement to every partnerprogram, helping them in all means of money transfer. You may use the cards to pay your partners or as an incentive.
After signing up as Reseller you will have access to the members area in which you will find the conditions for key-account clients (bulk orders). For details how to integrate our product in your partnerprogram, you may contact us by mail. Cards may not be resold but will be sent only direct to the enduser or to companies to pass them to their employees only!

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