The functions of your MAESTRO / CIRRUS Card:
  • PIN operated debitcard - easy to operate with your cardnumber and PIN-Code by numberpad.
  • Cash money worldwide at almost a million ATM's (Automated Teller Machines) showing the Maestro/Cirrus Logo (Mastercard-Group). Here is your nearest ATM:
  • Offline payment - use your card at millions of stores - everywhere debitcards of this group are accepted. (wherever PIN-operated debitcards are valid i.e. wherever the card is scanned and the PIN-number is entered by a numberpad you can use your card)
  • Moneytransfer from card-to-card at low cost (you just need the cardnumber of the receiver). One of the main- advantages of these cards. Send money to your family abroad, to your staff during a business-trip or pay your worldwide partners.
  • Wire transfer to bank accounts (Routing number of bank and account number is enough)
  • Online-access to your account from any PC worldwide (your 6-digit access-code providing maximum security)
  • Online-balance enquiry
  • Telephone-card (in USA)
  • Healthservice inclusive (in USA Greencard only) Coast-to-Coast Vision Plan, UHS Chiropractic, RAmerica, see
  • Second Card inclusive! - You receive immediately a second card as reserve of as familycard!
  • Validity 5 years (stocklot-cards are produced 2002 - validity may be shortened due to this fact)
  • PIN-Code to be changed anytime by yourself
  • Security! Your funds are insured by the federal FNIC up to US$ 100.000,-- ( )
  • Your Card-account is kept in USA in USDollar. No extra bank-account required!

We are NOT and we do NOT:
  • We are no bank
  • We are no saving-bank
  • We are no credit-institute
  • We are no credit-negotiator
  • We are not your lawyer or auditor
  • We are not a money-laundry office
  • We don't invoke for tax-evasion or fiscal-fraud
  • We don't support illegal money-transactions
  • All cards require registration and proof of identity. All transaction information will be provided to law enforcement under court order *)

Your card can NOT:

  • You will get no credit-limit
  • You cannot overdraw your card
  • You cannot withdraw more money than you paid un
  • You will get no interest on your credit
  • The card is not suitable for money-laundry *)
  • The card is not suitable for standing orders
  • The card is no current account
  • The card cannot be administrated in other currencies then USDollar
  • The card is not personified (no name is showing up)
  • The card shows no signature
  • The card cannot be used where debitcards are not accepted
  • Merchants withot online-connection to the card-processor (creditcardorganisation) cannot accpt the card. (e.g. in taxi, at beach, .... and wherever the old imprint-machines are used and/or the voucher has to be signed)

*) The Card-Processor comply Anti-Money-Laundery Rules (see and ) and reports suspicious activities to the authourities ( According to the Bankers Know-Your-Customer Program you may be asked to register your name and adress when activating the card with the US Bank (This "Patriot Act" -regulation is required for all cards!). All registrations will be checked against the „Treasury OFAC list of known terrorists“, and others (see, , )

All GlobalCash-Partner and carduser from the European Union are informed about the fact, that it is not allowed to take money from clients to transfer them to an card/account outside the EU and will act in conformity with the laws applied. The same apply to all users and partners from all countries which have similar laws.
The user of the cards have to respect the laws of their country(ies) and to use the cards only in accordance to these regulations. They will not use the cards in countries, where it is not allowed. In order to protect his partners legally GlobalCash reserves the right to ask endusers from countries in which it is not allowed to use debitcards with deposits in third countries to issue a written declaration, that they will not use the cards in (a) certain country(ies), but to give the card(s) as a present to somebody who is not resident in such a country or to take the card(s) outside such a country and use the cards(s) only outside these country(ies). However, GlobalCash presume that the card(s) are used only in a legal way and endusers will not break any regional laws.