We have a


Our program and the advantages of our products
will spread out without spam as well.

Therefor we renounce to use this kind of annoyingly advertisement and also our partners are not allowed to use spam for promotion of this program.

Should you neverthenless came to this site by spam, please inform us, stating all necessary datas (from which partner, when, by which advertising, which site, Ref.-link, etc. best is to include the mail header) and we will call the liable person to account according to our general terms and conditions (extract from our T&C see below).
REPORT SPAM to spamreport@globalcash.info

We take unjustified reporting of alleged spam to third parties (e.g. hoster, spamblockers, etc.) as serious as spamming itself and take massive action against notorious spam-reporters as well as against spammers.

GlobalCash never using spam-methods, but sending their ads through regular chanels such as paidmails, mailexchange, confirmationmails from classifieds, newsletters, etc. from reputable third parties (e-commerce, advertising-firms and similar). If somebody receive GlobalCash advertisements from such sources, the reason is that he signed up there and /or agreed to receive mails from there (e.g. becouse he is using some of their services and accepted their T&C saying, that he agrees to get mails, newsletters, etc. from them). Usually GlobalCash is not the sender of such advertisements, but the respective third party, where GlobalCash placed the advertising. Only registered partners of GlobalCash receive mails from GlobalCash direct. To stop mails from third parties the receiver must cancel his membership or unsubscribe from services or the mailinglists direct from where he receive the mails, not from GlobalCash. GlobalCash is not responsibel for the mailinglists from third parties and is an advertising-client to this services only. Neither GlobalCash is using adresses collected by problematic or illegal methods, nor are third parties allowed to use such adresses in order to promote GlobalCash.
GlobalCash contractors have to accept this regulation and are liable for the correct acquisition and proper administration of their emailadresses in accordance to the respective laws.

Before complaining becouse of spam at GlobalCash or reporting GlobalCash to spam at hosters or spam-bloc services such as Spamcop, etc. we insistently advise you to verify the original sender and the reason why the mail was sent (which signup, which service of the sender is used, etc.)

Whoever reporting GlobalCash or one of his partners or contractors unjustifyable as spammers, causing us cost and expenditure of human labour will be prosecuted for disturbing our business. GlobalCash is entitled to charge the causer(s) a administrative fee (for correspondence, telephone calls with providers, etc.) of at least 1,000.00 Euro and may sue the causer for all additional damages (such as interrupted services due to blocked IP adress, server downtime, loss of income, cost for ivestigation, lawyers, court, loss of reputation, repetition of mailings, publication of replies, etc.). Moreover GlobalCash will report such defamation and slander to the criminal court.

Act responsible and be careful before reporting GlobalCash as spammer we will putting through our rights with no exception!
Report presumed spamming first to spamreport@globalcash.info

Extract from our T&C regarding Spam:
It is not allowed to use spam to promote the program - especially not the partners Ref.-website. As spam we consider the unsolicited mails to unknown persons, to mailadresses which are bought from unknown sources, which are ectracted by search-/spiderprograms from websites, classified, etc., posting in chatrooms, forums, etc. which do not definately allow advertising, as well as by ICQ, SMS, etc.
The program-operator dissociate from spamming and will neither cover nor tolerate such actions from his partners.

Violations against this conditions might be punished in the way, that the account of the respective member will be terminated. All commissions will be irrevocable lost. At heavy violations the program-operator is entitled to charge a penalty in the height of at least 1.000 Euro / USDollar. Intentional and/or repeated violations will lead to a penalty of minimum 10.000 Euro / USDollar. Regardless of this fine, the program-operator is entitled to claim further compensation and may take legal action.
This rule is valid for every paragraph of the T&C, even if it is not seperately mentioned there!