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Every men
of all nations, colours and religions
have one in common:


And with the spreading of internet they need more than just coins and notes; an universal form of payment, which is valid across the borders, simple and secure to handle for everybody.
Plasticmoney - virtual cash!
But the majority of mankind is excluded from the common global means of payment - and as a result excluded from the entire e-commerce. Becouse ...

of the world population
don't get a Creditcard

(Ninety percent - can you smell the money already?)
Thats our clientele!
For everybody who want to know exactly how big this clients-potential is today:
Here is the actual world-population counter

Since the rising flood of coins with the EURO-currency, especially in Europe the request for non-cash forms of payments is increasing dramatically.
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But stop!
GlobalCash is NOT a get-rich-quick scheme and is NOT selling cards without control.
Our sales-plan is even too good to be published over the internet,
so you need a personal invitation to join as a partner

If you have already received the informations how to cooperate or
if you came to this site through a personal Ref.-link of one of our existing members (if his name appears on top of this page only) you may

have full access to all the informations about the GlobalCash opportunity.