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Doublepack with 2 Cirrus/Maestro ATM-Debitcards.
Enables cash-withdrawls at every ATM with the Cirrus/Plus/Maestro/Mastercard-Logo, Pay at a continous growing number of POS and online-shops, Online money-transfer from card-to-card, to bank accounts, transfer cash by phone or internet ....

No need to signup as affiliate!
Discrete shipment by post

US$-account, Debitcard - To utilize the card you have to load funds first (e.g. simple and quick by WesternUnion). This card is not a creditcard.
Each double-pack comes with two anonymous (without printed name) cards for the same account, using the same PIN-code - use it as family-cards or keep in spare. If you don't want the user of a second card access your account, order additional packs!


Orders must be done by the enduser or by our affiliates in the name of the enduser. Cards are for personal use only! No delivery to Reseller and middlemen (Calling Cards may be resold).


by mail to , by Fax ++43 (0)1 4030602 or by letter:


CIRRUS/MAESTRO - GREENCARD (NO monthly service fees! Stocklot prompt available)
o One Doublepack (2 cards 1 account with one PIN-Code ) 145,- Euro / US$ *)
Limited quantity only - Subject to prior sales!
Within the next years you will save approx. $ 200,- monthly service fees !

CIRRUS / MAESTRO Morgan Beaumont Moneycard
o One Doublepack (2 cards 1 account with one PIN-Code ) 95,- Euro / US$ *) see below
o Two Doublepacks (4 cards 2 accounts with two PIN-Codes ) 150,- Euro / US$ *) see below
o Three Doublepacks (6 cards 3 accounts, 3 PIN-Code ) 195,- Euro / US$ *) see below
.. each additional Doublepack ONLY 40,- Euro / US$ *) see below
o up to max. 5 set./order for the private use only!
Cards may not be resold by middlemen and agents!
We reserve the right to change the max. quantity to be sold to single individuals anytime.

o Bulk order Morgan Beaumont Card 200 pcs. up / Packs each 100 pcs. Price for Reseller only
Bulk orders are accepted from enrolled Reseller only. Sign up first!
Bulk-Orders will be accepted only from companies using the cards for their employees!

o One Card 125,- Euro / US$ (For US and Canadian citizen only - subject to our final confirmation)



o Registration form FREE to order: print PDF-document or send inquiry by e-mail

o Calling Card / Prepaid value 10,- Euro
o Calling Card / Prepaid value 25,- Euro
o World Wildlife Fund-series Calling Cards / Prepaid cards collectors-edition
6 pcs. WWF motifs á 10,- Euro (incl. each 1,-Euro donation to WWF) 60,- Euro
Min.-order to be shipped are at least cards for 50,- Euro (single cards can be shipped only together with other items e.g. with a debitcard )

o Bulk order Calling Cards (Min. order value 500,- Euro, assorted values accepted) upon request:
o Customcards with own designs and values as desired. Price according to your wishes pls. mail your details to :


o Economy Card / for Enduser without partner registration 75,- Euro ($ 90,-)
o Economy Card / Reseller price - for registered GlobalCash Partner REDUCED PRICE (as mentioned)
Delivery including your card with account number, the temporary PIN code to access immediately all features and a application / registration form. The registration form must be filled in, signed and returned to GlobalCash (by post or fax) after receipt.

o Economy Card 100 pcs. pack / for wholeseller Price as arranged


Promotion/Advertising-Packs can be ordered by resellers only! - Please watch "Reseller Advertising-Packs" and Sign up first.

Shipping & handling:

o Shipping & handling:
Within EU and Switzerland + 5,- Euro
o Shipping & handling:
Outside of the EU and International + 15,- Euro / US$ *) see below
o Shipping & handling C.O.D.: (Cards/stocklot only, only EU + CH, physical persons, no P.O. Boxes) + 20,- Euro


Prepay by wire transfer:
to Euro-acc.: Nr. 75582735 - (Acc. Name / payable to Norbert Brust)
at PSK Österreichische Postsparkasse; Bank Routing number: 60000
BIC / SWIFT: OPSKATWW, IBAN: AT766000000075582735
to US$-acc. - upon request
All charges and fees payable by the sender!

Paypal: (Payments accepted in US$ or Euro)
e-mail / Norbert Brust

I accept payment through PayPal!, the #1 online payment service!

MONEYBOOKERS: (Payments accepted in US$ or Euro)
e-mail / Norbert Brust

In a letter (Euro / US$ - Registered!)
Norbert Brust, Sanettystraße 3, A-1080 Wien / Österreich (Vienna /Austria)
Banknotes only, wrap in alufoil!

Debitcard Card-to-card transfer (Virtual-Money/Maestro/Cirrus) in US$
Online through the Website
Payment in favour of Card-number 5044420 03300 0012340
If you pay by debitcard, you have to advise seperately from which card the payment will come and for which items. Payment only cannot identify the sender!

Cash on delivery / C.O.D.: (EU-Countries and Switzerland only!) + 20,- Euro
P.O.D. is available for stocklot items (Debitcards, CallingCards) only! (single orders only, no bulk-quantity)
P.O.D.-deliveries can be accepted only within the continental EU-countries to physical persons with physical residence. Strictly no P.O.D.-delivery to companies without mentioning a name of the receiver and to P.O.-Boxes.

Send to:
Your name / company, adress / PO-Box,



By mail, allow a delivery-time of approx. 3-4 weeks after receipt of order & payment.
Greencard: Prompt shipment ex stock Europe (3-4 days after order & payment arrived) Subject to prior sales.

Delivered items:

With every order you receive the 2 cards and a description how to activate your cards and how to use it by phone, online (see "Card Use") and at ATM´s (worldwide locations you find at ), as well as the Terms and conditions from the bank / card-processor, phone-numbers, links to your websites, tarifs, etc.
If designated you will receive with your card also the activation-code and a (savely sealed & temporary) PIN-Number.
In case that your card should be registered, you will also receive a bilingual (english / german) registration form which you can utilize to send it by fax or post.

Delivery Economy Card
Along with your Economy Card, showing your account number you also receive a PIN code to access immediately all features and for a temporary online registration of your account. Youa will also receive a folder describing all features and a registration form, which must be filled in, signed and returned immediately to GlobalCash (by port or fax) in order to release your accounts features permanently and to enable you to utilize the account also in the comming year at a reduced price.


Your deposit is ensured up to US$ 100.000,- at FDIC (Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation - )


or by mail

All fees:
see "prices & fees"

*) About the different currencies!
To simplify the orders for all clients and partners paymants are accepted in Euro and USDollar. The price is (for now) equal. This can be repealed anytime - especially if the exchange-rate between Euro and US$ will differ engraving. Payments in other currencies are not accepted.

Please note the following rule:
Orders from clients/partners within the EU, Europe and countries, which have the Euro as local or Lead-currency will be charged in Euro
Orders from clients/partners from USA, overseas and countries, which have the US$ as local or Lead-currency will be charged in USDollar
This is not concerning the card-account. Card-accounts are kept in USDollar only!

*) Lead currency: From wherever in Europe and where the Euro is the local currency you pay in Euro. Also from (french, dutch, spanish) oversea-territories and from countries, where the Euro is (beside the local currency) an accepted side-currency resp. the lead-currency (EU-candidates and Currency-Board-states as Bulgaria, Bosnia-Herzegowina, Montenegro, Kosovo, Estonia, Lithuania; Latvia, Macedonia, Croatia, Jugoslavia, Poland, Hungary, ...)
Use Euro also for payments from Switzerland and UK.
If your country is located in Europe, but USDollar is more common, you can pay in US$ as well, if it is easier for you. (e.g. Turkey, Russia, ...)
Payments from America, Asia, Australia and Africa please send in US$, except if Euro is the local / lead currency (european oversea territories)