Personal GlobalCash site of: Petra Handke

want to be financial independent?
Work when and where you want?
Determine your income by your own performance?
You want a residual income once you did the job?
Earn money when you are on holiday or even while you sleep?
Dreaming of a product literally everybody needs?
Then you should read on!

Every men
of all nations, colours and religions
have one in common:


And with the spreading of internet they need more than just coins and notes; an universal form of payment, which is valid across the borders, simple and secure to handle for everybody.
Plasticmoney - virtual cash!
But the majority of mankind is excluded from the common global means of payment - and as a result excluded from the entire e-commerce. Becouse ...

of the world population
don't get a Creditcard

(Ninety percent - can you smell the money already?)
Thats our clientele!
For everybody who want to know exactly how big his clients-potential is today:
Here is the actual world-population counter

Refer a product literally (almost) everybody needs.

You receive commissions for your referrals without storing or shipping a product! No handling from your side is necessary everything will be done by GlobalCash. Direct selling is not only not necessary, but even prohibited!

Since the rising flood of coins with the EURO-currency, especially in Europe the request for non-cash forms of payments is increasing dramatically.- don't miss this unique boom!


You will not only earn commission for your own sales,
but also from your partners clients and their partners clients, and their
... and so on up to the 6th. level!
Check your potential income!

But it will not stop after a one-time sale of a card!
You will earn on and on!

A sophisticated MLM-concept makes sure you gain
residual follow-up commissions
without beeing in contradiction to the anonymity of our card-product *).
Since all reseller have to make advertising for their business we offer them
fully commissionable promotion-packs !

More and more people are looking for an opportunity to receive an additional residual income from a home based business - just as yourself.
Be among the first in the booming future-businessfields:


*) Follow-up commissions from the card-fees, payments and transactions by the cards cannot be paid due to reasons of discretion. Anonymity of the cards comes first!

As Reseller you will have
full sales-backup:

Your own free website
(selfreplicating for every new partner)
Multilingual Homepage for borderless growth of your sales
Online-Shop for easy ordering
Open 24h./365 days
Various payment-methods, in US$ and Euro
Automatic structur-buildup by MLM-software
All downline informationes anytime available online
Contact all partners by full mailfunctions
Online commission tracking
Support in english & german language

(other languages will be available soon by local partners)
Complete advertising supported by promotion-packs
Your business navigated by autopilot in highest income-spheres!