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No direct selling, no product-handling. You earn money just for referring GlobalCash.

Network Marketing
the intelligent way to earn money from home.
Requires no capital to start , less efforts, free time-planning

Equal opportunity for all - no matter where you live, not depending on experience or education.

60%* Commission Pay-off.
unlimited 6-tier Matrix for maximum success

Level 1 (Your direct-sales) 20% Commission
Level 2 (Indirect-sales) 5% Commission
Level 3 (Indirect-sales) 25% Commission
Level 4 (Indirect-sales) 5% Commission
Level 5 (Indirect-sales) 3% Commission
Level 6 (Indirect-sales) 2% Commission

60%* of the turnover will be paid to the referring partners!
To help you start an immediate income we pay 20% commission at level one. The highest commission (25%) is paid in level 3 - this level will be filled quite quick and soon you will earn a real fine income. Experience shows, that the further tiers build slower, but the number of partners will increase your income continuisly and explode your wallet.

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Just a few calculations to show you the potential of such a structure

Example 1 -
You refer 3 partners and each of them recruit another three. Each of them orders one card at 95,- $ / Euro

Level Partner Commission
Partner x Cash
Your Income
(Euro / $)
1 3 20 % 3 x 19,--
2 3x3 5 % 9 x 4,75
3 3x9 25 % 27 x 23,75
4 3x27 5 % 81 x 4,75
5 3x81 3 % 243 x 2,85
6 3x243 2 % 729 x 1,90

With only three own referals you earn TOTAL INCOME: 3.203,40 Euro/$

With the second tier your own card is for free! - and you start earning!

Example 2 -
You refer 5 partners and each of them recruit another five. Each of them orders one card at 95,- $ / Euro

Level Partner Commission
Partner x Cash
Your Income
(Euro / $)
1 5 20 % 5 x 19,--
2 5x5 5 % 25 x 4,75
3 5x25 25 % 125 x 23,75
4 5x125 5 % 625 x 4,75
5 5x625 3 % 3125 x 2,85
6 5x3125 2 % 15625 x 1,90

With only five own referals you earn TOTAL INCOME: 44.745,00 Euro/$

Look - just 5 partners in level one and your card is for free!

Let's give up to make this calculation with 10 or higher numbers - you may do the math by yourself.

Experienced Networkers know, that the gradual increase of such a lineally downline is seldom, resp. happens only after a certain time. Most probably some partners will have more or less and some will have no partners at all in their firstline, becouse they are clients only and will not resell cards or recruit reseller. But since you can have a unlimited width in your firstline it is up to you how quick you suceed.

Now, let's have a look at a realistic model, in which you put some more efforts in your business and consider the time-factor, which is important to build your structure:

Example 3 -
You refer 10 partners and each of this engaged Networkers recruit 9 own partners. Below level 2 this number decrease (just becouse we consider the time-factor at the first time) for 10 - 20% :

Level Partner Commission
Partner x Cash
Your Income
(Euro / $)
1 10 20 % 10 x 19,--
2 9 x 10 5 % 90 x 4,75
3 8 x 90 25 % 720 x 23,75
4 6 x 720 5 % 4320 x 4,75
5 5 x 4320 3 % 21600 x 2,85
6 3 x 21600 2 % 64800 x 1,90

This example with 10 Partnern makes you a TOTAL INCOME: 222.917,00 Euro/$

Of course this is not the limit and maybe you will have much more partners in your 6th tier, but i avoid to operate with numbers, which will be reached only after several years. It is a fact, that the building of such a downline is depending on the time-factor.

This examples do not include sales to clients only, which just order one (or several) cards, but not recruiting new resellers.
This sales are also full commissionable and will be an additional cash, but since this clients are not essential for the growth of your structure, we excluded this amounts.
In fact, more than the half of the sales will be done to clients only - sales which will make you an extra income - even from the 5th and 6th level!

Also not included are the commissions from the promotion-packs
Commission from this packs are paid monthly and build the basic for your solid continous residual income - as long as your partner participate in the advertising-program.

Calculations you will find at "Promotion-Pack"

This tables are just examples for the calculation. They are no guarantee for an income.

Why is the commission in level 3 that high?
All in we pay 60%* commission.
With 5 own sales the card will be free to you.
And within short time every partner should gain an attractive income. This is possible, if the highest commision is not paid in the first and second tier, but in the lower levels. Usually structures build up very quick to the depth of the 3rd level. This is why in this level you will find the most attractive percentage. And to inspire you to help your next level to find new partners - as it is the sense behind an MLM-system. If your Downline in the lower levels is successful, you will make more money too!
This system rewards you for the support you give to your partners!

Another reason are the fake accounts, which are a real handicap for MLM-structures - some companies even had to quit becouse of this problems. Even this payment-scheme cannot prevent the implementing of such accounts, but it makes it more unatractive, becouse fakers will need not only two but three accounts on different names to gain the highest profit.

*) 60% commission of the turnover do not apply for: prepaid calling cards and at the registration for Platin Plus Service. For this items regulations differ. Basic for commission of prepaid calling card is 10% of the calling card value, a valid registration for Platin Plus Service is considered equal to 30,- Euro turnover for details pls. visit the special site GlobalCall