You determine
your income!
This two-step Income-calculator enables you not only to estimate the height of your profit by sales of debitcards but also your residual income resulting from sales of promotion-packs!

*) watch the hints and exaples at the end of page

Calculate your profit from product-sales (debitcards ea. 95,-) to your downline 6 levels deep.
Assumption is that every partner purchase a product value 95,- and recruit further partners, also buying items for the same price. Your firstline-partners may recruite the same number or affiliates, more or less that yourself - the calculator take care of this differences. 

> START the profit-calculator "Downline-sales"

Insert the desired number in the two PopUp windows:
First enter the number of the partners you will recruit direct in your firstline, then enter the %-value you think this partners will recruite by themselves (Success-quotient of your direct partners). Means, if you think you will recruite just 3 partners by yourself, but you guess this partners will enroll each 4 new members (avarage) enter the value 133 %. In case you recruite 10 partners, but you think they will enroll each only 5 new members, enter 50%.

You supposed you will recruit yourself  partners.
You considered this partners will work   of your own efforts.(100% means they will have same number of partners as yourself, a value less 100 means they will have less partners than you, a value over 100 means they will have more success than yourself.)

RESULT Profit by sales to your downline:

Level Commission % Number of your partners in level: Your income in level:
1 20
2 5
3 25
4 5
5 3
6 2
Total number of partners
Total profit *)

*) HINT: Your income may increase continuosly by recruiting new members who enroll also new partners. Additional your income will increase by additional sales to your partners and to end-user, who don't enroll to the program. Results are not a guarantee for income!

Calculate your monthly residual income by the sales of promotion-packs in your downline 6 levels deep. This is the key to real success!
Assumption is that the considered number of partners in your firsline (direct enrolled affiliates) buy a promotionpack for monthly 25,- (the number may be less than your actual partners). Considering this value your monthly income will be estimated. Means, if you think that every second of your first line partners will order a promo-pack, enter the half amount of partners you entered in the first calculator. Multiplication will be continued based on this value.  

>START the residual income calciulator "Promotion-Pack"
Enter the desired number into the PopUp window:
Result based on the multiplication of the entered number of firstliners over 6 levels deep. 

RESULT Residual income by promotion-packs:
Level Commission % Buyer promo-packs in level: Your monthly income / level 
1 20
2 5
3 25
4 5
5 3
6 2
Total number partners for promo-pack
Monthly income by promo-packs*)

*) HINT: Your inclome may vary according to the efforts of your downline. Your actual income depends on the engagement of your partners, their ability to motivate and the work if their downline. 
Results based on your assumption and do not guarantee an income!

Suggestions for best use of the income-calculators: 
Evers networker knows the problem: how can i estimate, which income i will gain in an MLM-program? GlobalCash offers two calculators to give you a clear picture about your potential income.

First calculator help you to estimate your profit.
Depending how many partners you recruit by yourself and how engaged they are in selling items and enrolling affiliates by themself your income will vary.
> Example 1: If you enroll just 5 partners, but each of these 5 partners enroll (average) the double number - 10 members - your income will increase accordingly. Calculator #1 will now calculate the further downline based on the value in level 2 (multiply by 10x). Of course in level 3 you may get again more or less partners .... and mybe a complete sales-structure with 1000 members sign in on a deeper level ........
> Example 2: On the other hand it may be that you recruit 50 partners by yourself, but only every second of them is able to enroll 10 new partners. This would mean the average success-quotient is only 10%. The calculator will consider the growth of your downline now based on the basics, that each member can recruit another 5 members....
> Example 3: In (usually only mathematical) best case every partner will enroll exactly as many members as yourself and the multilication will continue in this way - means 100%.

The calculators only consider your own success and the success-quotient of your direct partners (firstline). The success in the deeper levels will be not only hard to influence by yourself (assuming you will not direct recruit partners for your deeper levels and will not know them all), but is also not to calculate by such a simple formular.
You may try a lot of variations by changing the percent-value (success-quotient of your firstline)!
To gain maximum profit from recruiting partners and product-sales the quality of your firstline is essential. Its not the quantity of partners, but their quality as sponsors and salesmen and the actual sold number of products.
Your income will increase by endusers and resellers in your downline dramatically! 

Second Calculator
help you to estimate your monthly residual income.
The real potential of GlobalCash is based on the monthy residual income gained by the promotion-packs. This is no nonrecurring commission, but a monthly revolving income!
> This calculator base on a constant percent-value. If among your firstliners every second order a promotion pack you may consider, that this percentage will continue over the further levels as well. The calculator will base his calculation on the multiplication of this value and will give you a quite realistic result. 
To gain a higher residual income - which will positive influence the profit as well of course - it is essential to promote and sell especially the promotion packs!
This is the true key to your longlasting success!

This two calculators help you to be informed about the potential growth of your downline and your profit based on your actual number of partners. Keep in mind the factor time - to build a business (also in the internet) needs some time! Note the numbers and keep records about the growth of your downline, so you can check your targets and make futureprognosis.
Persistence will lead you to your desired financial target! 

No calculator can consider all eventualities, so the results will always be just estimations and are no guarantee for a actual income.

This calculator is a service from GlobalCash
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