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Virtual-Money Debitcard is waiting!
You won't be refused!

You can't get a creditcard from your bank?

Dont worry:
You are among 90% of the world population!

Even in the USA, the motherland of plastic-money, 40% of the population is unbankable, 15% haven't even got a bank-account. So, you are in the best community!

Reasons, why somebody get no creditcard can be various:
Unemployment, low income, overdrawn accounts, previous credits, executions, bankruptcy, ... are just a part of the reasons why someone is refused. Often it is enough to got the wrong citizenship, a bad data in the CV or lack of confidence of a clerk. It may happen to everybody, who don´t match the world-picture of a banker or creditcard-organisation. If a tatoo, a piercing, a torn designer-jean, the wrong haircut, the wrong job, poor knowledge of a language or a handicap - all this might be enough to be considered as a risky person. Even persons with a better income in different groups of professions are affected.
Finally many internet-users are simply too young to get a creditcard

Some don´t want a creditcard. Becouse they would desperately overdraw their accounts, misplay their money or waste it in bars, clubs or shops. Some are afraid of the related security-risks when they loose a card or becouse the don't want to leave perfidious "paper-tracks" (for their wife or the tax office).

Apply now for your non-personalized Debitcard - and you won't get refused!
No Credit-Check, No SSN, No Tax ID required.
Your card will arrive by mail.